Iodoral Side Effects

by Brent Laungret Updated September 28, 2011

What does Iodoral do?: Iodoral benefits

iodoral side effects

Iodoral is an iodine containing capsule which is used for treatment and for preventive measures of thyroid problems. Iodine is a vital microelement, which is needed for the thyroid gland to work normally. Thyroid hormones execute many vital functions such as regulating protein, lipids, carbohydrates and energy exchange in the organism. They also regulate brain activity. They regulate nervous system, cardiovascular system, genital and lactiferous glands and also growth and development of a child.

The iodoral benefits are such that it makes up for the iodine deficiency in the organism and prevents iodine-deficiency problems and diseases. It stabilizes the function of the thyroid gland, which is very important for children and teenagers. And at the same time these iodoral benefits are extremely important for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding period because during pregnancy and breastfeeding the need for iodine increases.

The main one of Iodoral benefits is that it fights hypothyroidism.

Optimox Iodoral side effects

Regardless all the iodoral benefits there are also various iodoral side effects. They are: feeling of irritation, anxiety, irregular stressed feeling. There are possibility of headaches, problems with focus, fast heart beat and eye strain. These symptoms are not considered to be serious Iodoral side effects. However in any case if you feel any of the above described iodoral side effects you must stop taking this medication and contact your doctor. Your doctor will advise how to deal with these Iodoral side effects and prescribe other medications which will fit your condition better. Another one of Iodoral side effects is a problem with menstrual cycle. A person might heave heavier or lighter than usual bleedings and the period might last longer. If such side effects happen you must contact your doctor who will most likely prescribe vitamins in addition to Iodoral and will recommend decreasing the dosage.

Iodoral weight loss

Iodoral weight loss is a special concept. When a patient has hypothyroidism it means that it has a slowed down metabolism. Accordingly he or she gains weight. After taking Iodoral (if not Iodoral side effects appear) the metabolism should start stabilizing. Once it starts to stabilize, the patient will start to lose weight. Accordingly an Iodoral weight loss occurs. However Iodoral weight loss can als be caused by hyper-active thyroid gland. So if any serious weight loss occurs you must contact your doctor in order to balance Iodoral treatment.

All the benefits and side effects of Iodoral must be thoroughly weighed before starting to take this medication. Do not start taking Iodoral without consulting your doctor first. Not all people need to take Iodoral even if just for preventive measures. It is important to understand if you really need to take a medication before actually start taking it. The doctor will also regulate the Iodoral dosage for you individual needs.


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