Benfotiamine Side Effects

by Brent Laungret Updated August 15, 2011

Benfotiamine side effects have been proved to include benefits for diabetics who are suffering from neuropathy, eye damage and kidney failure resulting from their condition. However, can this synthetic derivative of the protein thiamine, or vitamin B1, really benefit the health in large doses, as some believers claim?

benfotiamine side effects

Many people turn to vitamin therapy when they feel tired and run down, and some have taken this a step further and gone in for large doses of some vitamins, hoping this will work wonders for their health. Many have also tried taking large doses of benfotiamine side effects being apparently very small.

Thiamine, a water-soluble form of vitamin B1, is needed by the body for digestion and the maintenance of the nervous system and brain. Its deficiency disease is beriberi, but even a slight deficiency can cause symptoms such as weight loss, mental confusion, and stress. Because benfotiamine is soluble in fats, some have believed it is more accessible for the body and more likely to reach the areas where it can benefit the person.

Some Beneficial Benfotiamine Side Effects

Benfotiamine is quickly absorbed by the body and produces large amounts of thiamine pyrophosphate, some of which is utilized by the body to help the nervous system and to aid digestion and the absorption of sugar from the diet. Its part in dealing with glycation has won it a place in the treatment of diabetes, where it has been shown to be able to reverse some of the effects of diabetes on the nerves, the eyesight, and the kidneys. Diabetes can lead to thiamine deficiency, and benfotiamine side effects include addressing this problem. Benfotiamine side effects have also included helping with other types of nerve pain, such as sciatica.

A recent small six-week clinical trial suggested benfotiamine would be more efficacious in larger doses, perhaps taken less regularly, although even in small doses it was found to help neuropathy, the burning pain diabetics experience as their condition damages their nerve endings. Other beneficial side effects of benfotiamine include its helpful effect on blood sugar levels and sugar absorption, which some scientists believe may delay the onset of diabetes, as well as being beneficial to those already diagnosed with the disease.

Are There Any Side Effects of Benfotiamine

Because benfotiamine is soluble in fat, it is more bio-available, and it is possible that a smaller dose might prove more effective than the dose that is commonly taken with thiamine. If larger doses are taken, could some side effects of benfotiamine become evident? The answer is that even with large doses of benfotiamine side effects are unlikely, as the substance is not built up in the body. Any excess is simply excreted into the urine, as with many mega doses of vitamins generally, and especially the b-complex vitamins, and for this reason any benfotiamine side effects are highly unlikely.


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