Side Effects List

Our site has collected the information about side effects for various drugs, pills and prescriptions

Everybody, who has ever taken a medication, supplement or has been vaccinated, knows that there is a possibility that it will not just cure your symptoms but will also have side effects. Even if the doctor didn't tell you that your medication has some side effects, you can easily find them inside the box with your pills or in a side effects list, which will almost always be available on the internet. Basically a side effect of a drug is a certain effect which this drug has on the person's organism. However this effect is not directed against the problems the drug is supposed to cure and, in most cases, is negative in its nature.

There is no drug, vaccine or supplement which doesn't have a side effect. For most of the drugs the side effects are focused on some individual characteristics of the organism. Very often you might not even suspect that the side effect, which seems harmless at first sight, might be dangerous for you. That is why it is important to always study the side effect list for any of the drugs you are about to take and to consult your doctor about anything you don't understand or have doubts about.

We collected side effects lists for different drugs, vaccines and supplements and presented them for you on this site. Please leave your comments and reviews about your experience with side effects in order to provide the most detailed information to our future visitors.